Don Valley ESL Career Centre
Student Policies

1. Subsidy
2. Attendance
3. Waiting List


Our program is 21 hours per week, not including career centre.

Can I apply for daycare subsidy while I attend your program?
Yes, but we reserve the right to limit the number of students on subsidy in a given year.
Teachers will mark attendance for each class separately. Each class Monday-Thursday counts as 1/3 of a day. Movie Friday is divided into two halves.

What happens if I am late?
If you miss more than half an hour (30 minutes) of class, you will be marked absent for that class. Please note that the doors will be closed 15 minutes after class starts, so if you arrive after that time you will not be able to join class until the break.


What should I do if I will be absent from class for a short time?
Please tell your teacher.

What should I do if I will be absent from class for a long time? (For example, I am going on a trip).
Please tell your teacher, and she will add another person to the class.

If I leave classes, can I come back?
Yes, you can come back at any time. You will not have to go on the waiting list.

Can I bring my husband/wife/friend/child to class with me?
No. If you want to, please talk to your teacher about it.

What if I am late to class?
The doors will be closed 15 minutes after class starts. After that you may not join class and you will need to wait until the break to join.  Exceptions will be made in case of bad weather.
We understand that our students are busy and many have children, but if you join our classes, please be on time. It is disrespectful and disruptive to your classmates and to the teacher if you are late for class, and you also do not get the full value of the lesson.

Waiting list:

What happens if I want to join but the classes are full?
The teachers will start a waiting list, and you can fill out a registration form.

Can I observe a class before joining?
No. The teachers will assess your language level when you register, and tell you what level is best for you.

When will I be able to join classes if I go on the waiting list?
Unfortunately we can’t give a definite answer. It depends on how many students are ahead of you on the waiting list, and how many students leave class. We will add students from the waiting list to classes in the order that they registered.

What if I’m only in Canada temporarily?
If you will only be in classes for two months or less, we can make an exception and add you to the class earlier. This is not guaranteed though.

How will you contact me when there is room for me?
We will try to contact you by phone and/or email at least twice. If you don’t reply within 2 weeks or by the deadline given in the email, we will assume you are not interested and take your name off the waiting list.

What if I’m busy when you contact me and I can’t join classes immediately? (If I’m in another program, someone is visiting, or I am traveling).
If you can’t join classes within a month from us contacting you, we will put you “On Hold”. This means we will put your name back to the top of the waiting list, and give the available spot to the next person on the list. When there is room in the class again, you will be the first person on the list.

What if I want to switch levels after I join classes?
Each level has it's own separate waiting list. If both classes have a waiting list, you cannot register for one level, and then switch to another once you start classes. We will have to move your registration to the waiting list for the level you want to join.
For example: a student is on the waiting list for intermediate level and joins classes. Then she decides that she wants to switch to beginner level. We will move her file to the beginner waiting list and see where it stands based on registration date. If there are other people on the waiting list who registered before her, she will need to wait.