The building is now partially re-opened. Sunday gatherings will still be broadcast online.
Please see our new safety procedures, and call the office if you'd like to book a time for your group.

Join us on Sundays at 10 a.m. (ET) online or by phone

Online Gathering

Tune in online or by phone. Please have some bread and juice ready so that we can take communion together.

Family Prayer Time

Gather your kids or call a friend and pray together.  You can use the Lord's prayer to guide you --even young kids can do this! 

Follow-up Questions

Download the follow-up questions (Oct 18 'Jesus Continued') and think through the issues during the week. Discuss with your gospel community group. Not part of a group? Get connected with one!

Gospel Communities

Our gospel communities are continuing to meet online through the week. Not part of a gospel community? Get connected to one!

Benefiting Our Community

ESL and Childcare are now open.

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  • ESL

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    • Childcare

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Sunday Mornings

10:00am - 11:30am

We meet together on Sunday mornings for a church-wide worship and equipping time, as well as community celebrations and other events throughout the year. These gatherings along with First Principle courses are the primary environment where we learn about what Jesus has done and commanded for our lives. From time to time we will have a Table Talk series which involves sitting at tables and engaging in some discussion during our gathering. We partner on site with Toronto China Bible Church to provide learning for children and teaching for adults in Mandarin.


Gospel Communities

Gospel communities are the primary environment where we actually participate in community and learn to obey Christ and live Gospel-shaped lives. It is through these simple households that we are engaging our neighbourhoods with the Gospel.

Gospel community groups meet on different days in different locations.  Get connected to one!


Upcoming Events

Hang tight while we look up scheduled events...

Our Church Network

We share the vision of planting and establishing more and better churches in Canada