A Short History of DVBC

Our Vision

Our vision is to see the lives of individuals, families, and communities made new by the gospel of Jesus Christ. We work with the Spirit towards this by living as family on mission together, benefiting our neighbourhoods, and networking with like-minded churches to be a continually expanding 'family of families'.


Our Priorities

Our priorities are based on the New Testament model of church and mission: 
  • Making disciples & Establishing families
  • Developing leaders
  • Benefiting our city
  • Networking to plant and/or establish churches

Read more about our ministry philosophy and statement of faith, or see our 2021 Annual Report. (Also available: 2020 Annual Report, 2019 Annual Report.)

We Are a Family of Families

Don Valley Bible Chapel is composed of smaller communities called ‘Gospel Communities’ that are networked together under a family structure of leadership. Our team of elders and leaders work together to shepherd and nurture our expanding family of families. We are also part of a Canadian network of churches that connect us to other church families.  

We partner on site with Toronto China Bible Church North York.  

Sunday Mornings

We meet together on Sunday mornings for a church-wide worship and equipping time, as well as community celebrations and other events throughout the year. These gatherings along with First Principle courses are the primary environments where we learn what Jesus has done and commanded for our lives.

Our Sunday gathering (10:00am - 11:30pm) is a semi-casual, inter-cultural, inter-generational, family gathering where we worship through song, prayer, Bible teaching, and communion. A variety of musical styles and instruments are often incorporated into our worship times. Children start off in the service with the adults and then transition into Bible discussions and activities directed at their level. Students and adults are involved in various aspects of our service. 

We occasionally will run a six week 'Table Talk' series which involves sitting at tables

and engaging in some discussion during our gathering on Sunday Morning.  


Prime Time Kids meet on Sunday morning from 11am to 12pm. Children from both church families, TCBC and DVBC, learn together what the gospel is and how to live it out. In the upcoming year we will be developing our curriculum to make it more engaging for the children, to help them grow in their love of God, and to help them make connections with their faith and everyday life. We are always looking for ways to touch base with parents and help them disciple their children.

Gospel Communities

Our Gospel communities are the primary environment where we actually participate in community and learn to obey Christ and live Gospel-shaped lives. It is through these simple households that we are engaging our neighbourhoods with the Gospel.

SOMA Youth and 55+ are support structures that are intended to help connect teens and Seniors to the life and mission of our church family. These focus on addressing issues particular to these groups that hinder vibrant faith and meaningful engagement with the church family.

Our Path of Learning

Key to moving the mission forward is the careful grounding of believers in the Gospel. The Apostles spent a considerable amount of time carefully grounding people in the Kerygma (Message of the Gospel) and the Didaché (the implications of the Gospel for living life).   Members of DVBC are being stepped through a strategic path of learning at various levels that is designed to ground us in Gospel-shaped living and lifelong learning.

Leadership Team and Staff

The elders oversee the spiritual life and administrative functions of the church family, assist and encourage our staff, provide pastoral care, and ensure that DVBC fulfills its legal, financial and other fiduciary responsibilities.

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  • matt craig

    teaching elder

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  • matt craig


    Email: matt.dvbc@gmail.com

    Phone: 416 491 6421 # 23

  • sue craig

    Community Outreach & Family Care

    Email: sue.dvbc@gmail.com

    Phone: 416-491-6421 #22

  • marijke dyke (Liz Voce )

    prime time kids dir




    youth ministry

    Email: youth@dvbc.com


  • lisa mathieu

    child care director

    Email: lisa.dvbc@gmail.com

    Phone: 416 491 6421 #24


    OFFICE ADMINistrator

    Email: henry.dvbc@gmail.com

    Phone: 416 491 6421   #21

Our Partnerships

  • Vision ministries canada

    We are members of the Vision Ministries Network of Churches, a diverse network of over 130 churches across Canada.   We also partner onsite with Toronto China Bible Church North York which is part of a Mandarin-speaking church network within our VMC family of churches.  

    DVBC also helps facilitate regional networking in the GTA through quarterly pastors & leaders meetings, as well as other local VMC events.   

  • City Church Network & The Antioch School

    We also collaborate with the City Church Network to encourage leadership development and church planting across North America and internationally.    Our leadership development program provides comprehensive theological training, character development and practical ministry experience in the context of our local church ministry.  This can include full degree ministry programs through Don Valley Bible Chapel because of our partnership with BILD International and the Antioch School.   

    Pastor Matt is a Local Mentor in the Antioch School and we seek to partner with other local churches in Church-Based Theological Education.


    We support Dan Copeland who serves in Mexico with Medical Ministry International. Dan coordinates Teams from Canada and the US to provide medical and dental assistance to those in need.

    We also give support to the work of James and Jean Gillett in Dublin, Ireland. Through Ireland Outreach they seek “to demonstrate the love of God while preaching the Word of God and making disciples” in both Ireland and Nigeria.