Don Valley ESL Student Policies

Updated June 2018

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How do I register for ESL classes?

To register for our program, you must complete a registration form and a level test.

  • Step 1: Come to the church office fill out a registration form with your contact information.
    The office is open Monday – Friday 9:30-4:30. Registration is closed during the summer months of July-August.
  • Step 2:  Complete a level test at the church.
    Level tests are held once per term in November, March, and July. The test dates are on the calendar. The test will take about 30-60 minutes.

Your name will not be added to the waiting list until you complete the test!

I know my LINC level. Do I need to do the test?

If you have attended LINC classes within the past year, you can bring a document that shows your LINC level and you will not need to complete our level test.

Can I register for my friend/family member?

You can complete a registration form for your friend/family member, but they must come for the level test themselves. Their name will not be added to the list until they complete our level test.

When can I join?

When there is space in the class for you, your teacher will email or call you. We will add students at the beginning of the Fall and Winter terms (September and January) if there is space. We will add students in the order they registered.
We can tell you how many people are ahead of you on the waiting list, but we cannot tell you when exactly you will be able to join.
REMEMBER: If your teacher cannot contact you, they will take your name off the list. Make sure the email address and phone number are correct and tell us if your contact information changes!


The fee is $10/term or $30/year. Please pay the fee to the office when you start classes. You can pay for the whole year at once, or at the beginning of each term.

Program Overview

There are 3 levels:
    • Beginner (appropriate for CLB 3-4)
    • Intermediate (appropriate for CLB 5-6)
    • Advanced (appropriate for CLB 7+) – part time

We do not have a class for pre-beginner/LINC Level 1-2 students.

We also offer afternoon classes that are open for all levels to attend. You do not need to be a current student and you do not need to register for these classes.
    • Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 1:00-2:00 Conversation Café
    • Wednesday 1:00-2:00 Bible Study

We also recommend:
    • LINC classes (Visit
    • TSDB Adult Ed classes (Visit to see classes)
    • Library programs (Visit
    • Another church program (Visit

Student Policies

Can I attend part-time?

You must attend at least 3 days a week on average each month (75%).
We track attendance over 2-week periods. If you miss 3 or more days over 2 weeks, we will send you a reminder by email. If your attendance is still low for the following 2 weeks, we will give the next person your place in the class and put your name on the waiting list. You may be allowed to join again if there is space.

Class starts at 9:30am Monday-Thursday. Please arrive on time. If you arrive after 9:45 you will not be allowed to join the class until after the break at 10:45.

Can I take time off?

If you know you will be absent for up to 4 weeks, tell your teacher before you leave. You will not be taken off the student list, and you will be able to return to class.
If you have special circumstances (such as sickness or family problems), please talk to your teacher or email

If you will be away for more than 4 weeks, you will lose your place in the class. We will put your name back on the waiting list and give someone else your place in the class.

How long can I stay in the program?

You can stay for a maximum of 2 years in one level, or 1 year in the Advanced class. If you are ready for the next level after 2 years, you can move up. If you are not ready for the next level, you will need to study in another ESL program. You can return to Don Valley and study at the next level when you are ready.

Note: Your teacher may ask you to move up to the next class after less than 2 years if you are ready!

Class Cancellations:

Class may be cancelled if the weather is very bad or if your teacher is sick.
We will follow the TDSB buses for snow days in the winter. If there is bad weather, go to early in the morning. If you see a notice that the buses are cancelled or that school is cancelled, there will be no class. You will also get an email from your teacher.

Your teacher will email you if your class has to be cancelled for any other reason. Please check your email in the morning.